The Beauty Corner at the bluewater Chef Competition


Welcome to the Beauty Corner at bluewater’s annual chef competition on Friday 31st March at Secrets de Cuisine.

Bluewater is excited to welcome our favourite local beauty experts to the annual chef competition hosted at Secrets de Cuisine in Antibes.

Our beauty experts will be on hand to offer massages, manicures and guy grooming services. Those who RSVP to the event via the Club page will be given priority access at the beauty corner. So please don’t delay, RSVP today!

Natalie Boddy – Harmonie Rock Therapy Beauty Massage Treatments and Training Centre

Natalie Boddy has over 10 years’ experience in massage therapy and, here at bluewater, we can attest to her fabulous deep tissue massages as well as the heated rock massage – total heaven! She created the Harmonie Rock Therapy Beauty Massage Treatments & Training Centre in Antibes in 2015, and she is ready to meet crew in her salon to share her talents, by teaching the art of massage.

The Introductory Relaxing Massage Course is tailored for superyacht crew; having a crew member onboard with a massage certificate is an advantage for owners and charter guests. Massage courses in the yachting industry are extremely helpful and are a great added skill that can help give an edge to your CV.

Natalie’s own CV is very prestigious, having managed the 5-star Hotel du Cap Eden Roc Spa in Antibes; she has a diploma in massage and has also completed her teacher training, making her more than qualified to offer advice and guidance to those wanting to pursue a masseuse career. Please speak to Natalie on the day about her training courses and to discuss what treatments she can offer your guests onboard.


JP – Antibes’ Best Barber

JP has been working as a barber for more than 17 years in Antibes and knows the yachting industry well including what is required for grooming on board. You will often see his store 21 Rue du Général d’Andreossy, rammed with crew needing to be spruced up to yacht-ready perfection! He is there to advise and enlighten you on what the owners want, what the owners definitely don’t want, and how to help keep your individual style whilst pertaining to the strict grooming requirements of working on a luxury yacht.

JP is welcoming, chatty and clearly popular amongst the crew. When bluewater sat down with him recently to discuss our 7th annual Chef Competition we were approached by a young yachtie, fresh from his STCW training who wanted to thank JP for his advice, clearly happy with his new groomed style and on his way to his dream superyacht job. Once again JP had worked his magic and made another happy customer.

JP tells us he is excited to come and be part of our Chef Competition once again, as it’s a crazy day but a lot of fun!
The girls of bluewater may not have any need for your beard trimming services! but we are excited to have you join us again and trim our crew to perfection.

If you haven’t already registered for bluewater’s annual chef competition please do so as soon as possible to ensure your lunch voucher is reserved. Crew who pre-register will be given priority for the beauty corner.

RSVP via your Club page.


Natalie Williams – Beauty Specialist

We are excited to be working with Natalie Williams, a local beauty specialist, who will be on hand to polish up your nails. As a qualified, independent beautician based in Juan Les Pins/Antibes, she provides beauty treatments all across the French Riviera.

Natalie is fully qualified to provide many beauty treatments and has gained a wealth of experience having worked across Europe and the UK, perfecting her skills working with thousands of clients over the last 10 years. She is happy to travel to your yacht or home to provide you with the latest beautifying treatments.

Natalie is very passionate about her work and loves interacting with people. She offers professional services in a warm, friendly setting and maintains that all important confidential client/therapist relationship at all times.

Please check out her website for the extensive list of treatments offered; in addition to nails, she is an eyelash extension specialist and offers 3D lashes, as well as tinting, waxing, pedicures and spray tans. Speak to Natalie during the chef competition about booking your next pampering session.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s chef competition, and if you enjoy the beauty services in between the culinary action, please don’t forget to thank our hard-working specialists with a small tip.

Is stress, neck & shoulder pain making you frustrated & irritable? Feeling unbearably tense? Worn out or burned out? Then the HARMONIE stress RELIEF Pack is your quick way to release all. Containing: SOOTHING heated & chilled lavender CUSHION: Microwave for a comforting warmth or chill for a cooling compress Soothing aching muscles & joints, helps relieve pain caused by sports Injuries, arthritis, stress & migraine. MASSAGE SPIKEY BALL: The Massage Ball is an excellent and inexpensive self massage tool with numerous benefits. *Improved soft tissue flexibility *Increase local blood flow *Enhanced muscle relaxation and reduction of muscle tightness ‘knots’ *Prolonged treatment effectiveness in clients who receive regular massage or physiotherapy treatment. *Ability to perform self massage in hard to reach places. *The Massage Ball can be used to treat a variety of stiff or sore body parts including: *Lower Back ,Upper Back ,Erector Spinae, Gluteal Trigger Points, Hamstrings, ITB ,Calf, Rotator Cuff LAVENDER EYE PILLOW: The Lavender Eye Pillow blocks out light to induce sleep and treats headaches, migraines, sinusitis, stress and insomnia. You can use fresh from the fridge to rest tired eyes and reduce puffiness Great for yoga and meditating exercises A refreshing tonic for your eyes Releases tension, Brings comfort to those hot flushes, Relieves temperatures, Soothes headaches PEPPERMINT OIL: The medicinal value of peppermint is due to the presence of menthol, menthone and menthyl esters. Peppermint is also found to contain a great number of minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, calcium, folate, potassium, copper, vitamin A and vitamin C that are essential for maintaining perfect health. Some of the most common peppermint oil uses include: *Reduces stomach aches *Soothe digestive issues *Freshens bad breath *Relieves headaches *Antimicrobial properties *Improves mental focus *Clears respiratory tract *Boosts energy *Releases tight muscles *Cost-effective natural solution to replace pharmaceutical drugs


up & coming dates for the Relaxing Massage Course

up and coming dates

OCTOBER 3rd and 4th two places available

OCTOBER 17th and 18th

OCT/NOVEMBER 31st and 1st

NOVEMBER 14th and 15th

DECEMBER 5th and 6th


Massage therapy is one of the few professions that allow you to truly make a difference in your own life and the lives of others every day. It is also a very flexible career that you can feel passionate about while making a good income, whether it be on YACHTS or

By enrolling in our Professional Course you could be part of this exciting allied health career; providing massage to help others overcome chronic pain, recover from injuries and illness, reduce stress, and participate in proactive healthcare and wellness.c64a0498


There’s no quick-fix cure for stress, and no single method will work for everyone. However, there are simple things you can do to change the common life problems that can cause stress or make stress a problem. These include RELAXATION TECHNIQUES, EXERCISE and MASSAGE…..

ON BOARD Beauty & Massage treatments

HARMONIE rock therapy provides superior ON BOARD BEAUTY & MASSAGE treatments in line with the guest’s expectations. Understanding the importance of quality along with exceptional client service and expertise.

MONDAY to SUNDAY  :7am to 12am

Treatments before 9am and after 10pm, will experience an increase of 100%

Travel cost are supplementary :70€ per 1hr driving distance.

Any cancellation or postponement made less than 24hrs before the appointment will be charged 50%


Affiche 40 x 60 brochure training 1 page

INTRODUCTORY RELAXING MASSAGE COURSE has a couple of spaces available to fill immediately for the Class in ANTIBES on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd. please email me or leave a phone message to book asap.

Learn the fundamentals of therapeutic massage. Using the application of oils you will be able to gain an insight into how massage can alleviate stress and promote relaxation and healing through touch. An excellent introduction for those of you wishing to develop a new skill , this can be an advantage working in the YACHTING industry .



Today’s lifestyles are extremely busy, and for most of us it will be difficult to find the time for the fortnightly treatment, yet when we make or find that time We are able to see and feel the benefits from the treatments into our daily lives.

What is unique about Harmonie rock therapy?

Each rock instrument is hand crafted and highly polished to suit individual muscles and areas of the body. Harmonie rock therapy uses the very best rocks for absorbing, retaining and releasing contrasting temperatures.

Why try Harmonie rock therapy?

IT’S HEALING ………the application of heated and chilled rocks stimulates your circulation, encouraging the flow of blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients which accelerates HEALING. Applying heated rocks to sore muscles eases tension, alleviates stiffness.   And increases flexibility. The chilled rocks reduce inflammation and swelling.

IT’S CLEANSING …….. the gentle weight of each rock combined with massage pushes toxins out of the muscles and into the lymphatic system to assist in eliminating metabolic waste .

IT’S PREVENTATIVE ……. The heated and chilled rocks encourages the release of endorphins. When incorporated into a regular health and fitness program, Harmonie treatments when using the rocks improves the integrity of soft tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments) reducing the likelihood of injury, also helping to increase the elasticity of collagen fibres in tendons promoting greater flexibility.

IT’S BENEFICIAL …….. when used in a facial or a body wrap, heated rock instruments open your pores encouraging the release of toxins and the penetration of active ingredients. The chilled rock instruments calm the skin by reducing redness. This anti-inflammatory effect is ideal for people with acne or psoriasis. The chilled rock instruments are ideal for soothing the skin after extractions or waxing. A combination of heated and chilled rocks can also help to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes


Relaxing introductory massage course

Gain  an insight into how massage can alleviate stress and promote relaxation and healing through touch. Learn the basic techniques and how you can perform this therapy on family ,friends and Clients. Suitable for those at an interest level or wishing to progress to accredited Massage or Complementary therapy courses.

2 day intensive certified workshop

8.30am till 5.30pm   : 550 € per person .        BLUE WATER One account affiliate can use their vouchers

Workshops must have at least 4 participants in order to be conducted and a maximum of 8 participants to ensure the most personal training possible .

What is the course about?

Learn the fundamentals of therapeutic massage. Using the application of oils you will be able to gain an insight into how massage can alleviate stress and promote relaxation and healing through touch. An excellent introduction for those of you wishing to develop a new skill or follow on to our accredited courses.

What will we cover?

This course will introduce you to the therapeutic benefits of massage, the value of touch and client handling. Other topics will include:

– History of massage

-Benefits and different types of massage

– Contra-indications, and hygiene

– Massage oils

-Anatomy and Physiology .

– The benefits of the massage strokes to include effleurage, petrissage, percussion and friction movements.

What will I achieve? By the end of this course you should be able to…

– Guide your receiver into a comfortable position in preparation for the treatment – Name some of the contra-indications  to massage – List the benefits of massage – Name some of the massage oils used in massage and how they benefit the skin – Perform a safe and effective massage for the back, shoulders, arms, face and neck.

What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?

This is an introductory course for those new to the art of massage, or with limited experience.

How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?

You will be guided through the course by way of lectures, small group and pair work. You will be able to work with a variety of fellow participants of varying ages, backgrounds, gender and abilities. The emphasis will be on the practical application. Students will be working with each other giving and receiving .There will be a written assignment, however it is advisable for students to practise massage between sessions.