On Board SuperYacht Training

Natalie has developed a unique style of massage designed to find and eliminate residual tension in the body and deeply relax clients enhancing their health and well-being.

The Introductory Relaxing Massage Course is specially tailored for those on board superyachts.

Demand for beauty professionals on board superyachts increases

Advancements in yacht design has seen a growing trend in improving spa facilities on board superyachts and per industry professionals, a demand for Beauty & Massage therapists is dramatically growing. Crew Placement commented:

“There has been an increase in demand from owners wanting stewardesses with added skills such as massage, beauty therapy and sometimes hairdressing. It is becoming more sought after from superyachts that the steward (ess) has these skills.  Some clients love to have an on board therapist, particularly for massages, so that they know they are available at their convenience, whereas other charter clients will request one or two massages or facials during the charter.

“There has been a steady increase over the past seasons, and for sure this will continue. We would agree that due to more superyachts having these private spas and treatment rooms and as the size of yachts are getting larger, this may even become a mandatory request for some charter guests.”

“Certainly the focus on ‘well-being’ and lifestyle is more pronounced generally within the media, so massages as a basic treatment are often requested. The yachts that offer a spa on board are naturally in high demand.”

Massage courses in the yachting industry are extremely helpful as they are a great added skill that can help give an edge to your CV. Having a crew member on board that holds a massage certificate is an advantage for owners and charter guests. It’s luxurious for the owner to enjoy having a massage therapist on hand throughout their voyage and to also offer this service to charter guests.


Harmonie Rock Therapy is dedicated to the process of assisting their students in achieving excellence in the therapeutic knowledge, plus the sensitivity and personal awareness necessary for the effective and successful practice of massage therapy. Natalie says, “I want to prepare students to be compassionate, critical-thinking therapists who are committed to life-long learning and the promotion of health and well-being.”


2-DAY INTENSIVE CERTIFIED WORKSHOP:  8.30am – 5.30pm …. 550 € per person

These 5-STAR Workshops are conducted with a minimum of four participants, and a maximum of eight participants to ensure the most personal training possible. Students will gain an insight into how massage can alleviate stress and promote relaxation and healing through touch.


Learn the basic techniques such as relaxing massage applies firm pressure where needed: today’s clients prefer a massage that’s firm but pain-free, relaxing & pampering. Learn how you can perform this therapy on family, friends and clients.

Guide your receiver into a comfortable position in preparation for the massage; name the contra-indications to massage; list the benefits of massage, and name massage oils used in massage & their benefits.


  • Understand the six different levels of structural organization in the human body
  • Understanding of the 12 organ systems and major functions of the human body.
  • Name the surface muscles on the human body system
  • Draw an anatomy of the knee indicating: cartilage, tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles
  • Know the most important rules of hygiene
  • Know the high standards expected of health and safety regulations
  • Understand why massage therapists need liability insurance

5 STAR Introductory Relaxing Massage course PYA guest program

The 5 Star-Service from Harmonie Rock Therapy believes it is to go above and beyond what the most demanding person might expect. It is to know your client well enough to anticipate their needs and deliver before they have the chance to ask. Every individual is different therefore everyone’s expectations are different. When giving such a high quality of service, you need to anticipate them all. Always deliver the unexpected.

The Introductory Relaxing Massage Course is suitable for those simply at an interest level or wishing to progress to accredited Massage or Complementary therapy courses. Being a massage therapist can be a satisfying career.  You get to work one-on-one with people, and help them feel better, which can be very rewarding.  Learning how the body works and what you can do to relieve pain and help it function better is intellectually stimulating.  There are so many modalities that there is almost no end to the way you can further your knowledge and skill.

Workshop dates are listed on the Blue Water Training Calendar: http://www.bluewateryachting.com/news/masseuse-training-courses-745

Natalie is the BEST Teacher and Mentor in the World. If anyone is thinking to do Introductory Relaxing Massage, Harmonie is the place to do it!!! I highly recommend this course. In just only 2 days I have learn a lot!! Thank you Natalie for your knowledge and passion!! Now lets find some victims to massage 🙂


Kindest soul I have ever met. After completing the introduction to relaxing massage, I can only highly recommend Nathalie. She is patient and lovely. Teaching with passion and taking pleasure to transmit her knowledges. I can’t wait to meet her again for another course or simply visit her for a magic and soft relaxing massage! �����


DI Ane reviewed Harmonie Rock Therapy – 5 star

Completed my relaxing massage course with Nathalie.I was totally pleased with the experience. Everything was provided.Harmony Rock is a highly professional and reasonably priced, which is why I will take again another course level with Nathalie. I recommend to my friends and people in the Yachting industry, to visit this place.


I completed and gained certification in the Introductory Relaxing Massage course in October. The professionalism of this course is of the highest standard and it is only the beginning to an amazing journey. It is the most practical training I had ever received, Natalie was extremely professional, and guided us through the course with no rush and made sure we were 100% comfortable with the material and all other bits you’d be lucky to discover in this course. It is more than a must to be able to take care of each other’s body and Natalie has the perfect hands and patience to teach you much more than expected. She’s talented and passionate, and has gold to share with us 🙂 I would rate the training 10 out of 10!!!!!! Thank you Natalie for everything and for doing what you love xxx