Today’s lifestyles are extremely busy, and for most of us it will be difficult to find the time for the fortnightly treatment, yet when we make or find that time We are able to see and feel the benefits from the treatments into our daily lives.

What is unique about Harmonie rock therapy?

Each rock instrument is hand crafted and highly polished to suit individual muscles and areas of the body. Harmonie rock therapy uses the very best rocks for absorbing, retaining and releasing contrasting temperatures.

Why try Harmonie rock therapy?

IT’S HEALING ………the application of heated and chilled rocks stimulates your circulation, encouraging the flow of blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients which accelerates HEALING. Applying heated rocks to sore muscles eases tension, alleviates stiffness.   And increases flexibility. The chilled rocks reduce inflammation and swelling.

IT’S CLEANSING …….. the gentle weight of each rock combined with massage pushes toxins out of the muscles and into the lymphatic system to assist in eliminating metabolic waste .

IT’S PREVENTATIVE ……. The heated and chilled rocks encourages the release of endorphins. When incorporated into a regular health and fitness program, Harmonie treatments when using the rocks improves the integrity of soft tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments) reducing the likelihood of injury, also helping to increase the elasticity of collagen fibres in tendons promoting greater flexibility.

IT’S BENEFICIAL …….. when used in a facial or a body wrap, heated rock instruments open your pores encouraging the release of toxins and the penetration of active ingredients. The chilled rock instruments calm the skin by reducing redness. This anti-inflammatory effect is ideal for people with acne or psoriasis. The chilled rock instruments are ideal for soothing the skin after extractions or waxing. A combination of heated and chilled rocks can also help to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes


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